Get 50+ Life Assurance at a Great Price from Trusted Insurers

If life begins at 40, it can even get better at 50! The same goes for life assurance – there are a lot of insurance companies that offer great life assurance products for those over 50. If you are already in the 50 mark and you still don’t have life assurance, this may be a great time for you to think and consider getting one, especially as you may be looking into retirement.

Some people used to think that life assurance is only for those in their 20s and 30s, for those who are young and healthy enough to get good rates and a long vesting period so that premiums are more affordable. However, even at 50, you can still get good rates and get life assurance that can guarantee your benefits, whether you pass away or survive at the time the policy matures.

Your Particular Situation

What is your family and financial situation at your age? For some, this is a time when the nest is getting empty, as the children have grown and have become financially independent. This is a time when you may be looking forward to retirement 10 or 15 years down the line. For others, there may still be some dependents in the home. Still for others, there may be family members that will continually be dependent on others, even well into adulthood, such as persons with disabilities.

How is the level of your debt at this point? Do you still have a lot of debts and financial obligations to settle? Have you already mad financial arrangements with regards to the transfer of your estate, as well as for final expenses?

Some Possible Products

  • Term life assurance.

    You can consider term life insurance with an investment component. However, one must remember that term is only temporary cover at best. As you age, the cover becomes more expensive. There is also little time for the investment aspect of the policy so that the money may not grow the way you want it to.

  • Endowment life assurance.

    If you are planning to retire at age 65, you still have 15 years or so to start buying an endowment policy with retirement in mind. However, since the vesting period is shorter, the premiums will be more expensive. However, this will help provide you with a substantial amount at the time of your retirement.

  • Whole life assurance.

    This is ideal if you are concerned about people who are still financially dependent on you. This provides life insurance coverage for the entirety of your life (or until the age of 100 or 120). It may even provide some dividends you can use during the life of your policy.

You can get reasonable rates for your life assurance. You can try looking at life assurance policies online to help you get the best deal.

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