Getting Life Assurance Online

You can always work with a life insurance agent who can provide you with sound life assurance advice that will fit your particular situation. One cheaper option of getting life assurance, though, is to get it online.

More and more, people are looking towards the Internet for more products, from makeup to toys and now, to financial products such as insurance. There are some websites that do the process of selling life assurance solely on the internet while there are some that do a combination – you can go online to get the quotes and the underwriting and processing will be done offline.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of getting life assurance online:


  • Quick quotes.

    With most life assurance online sources, you can get quick quotes when you enter your basic details. Many websites also offer life assurance products from not just one insurance company, so you can quickly compare the quotes for the best deals.

  • Convenience.

    You can get your life assurance policy even without leaving the comforts of your home or office. If time is of the essence to you, then you simply need to fill out a form online and the in some cases, pay for the policy online. Your application will be received online and all you need to do is shoot an e-mail or receive e-mails about your policy.

  • Non-medical policy issuance.

    Because the products are sold online, in some cases, you are not required to take a medical exam. If you are able to honestly answer “No” to the questions about Medical Conditions (i.e. Do you smoke? Do you have diabetes? Do you have asthma? And so on.), then you can be issued a policy.


  • You should know what you need.

    The advice of the life insurance agent may help you get the best product for your particular need. If you plan to get your life assurance policy online, you need to be aware of your particular financial situation and needs and know which policy will fit these needs. Without knowing what you need, you may end up getting either too much or too little insurance.

  • Smaller coverage.

    Because some of the products sold are sold on a non-medical basis, the maximum coverage amount may be smaller than what actually need.

  • Exclusions.

    Again, because of the fact that you don’t need to undergo a medical exam, there may be exclusions to some illnesses and activities.

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