Life Assurance and Medical Concerns

Although a life assurance policy provides a guaranteed payout whether you are living or dying, there is still some element of risk involved – how soon will you be making your claim? As such, there is also a medical underwriting process when one applies for a life assurance policy.

There are some medical considerations to taking out a life assurance policy. We’ll look at some of the more recent ones.

Genetic Testing

When looking into genetic testing, there are rules that the insurance companies must abide wit. This is based on a mandatory Code of Practice issued by the Association of British Insurers. This prohibits insurance companies from requiring insurance applicants to take genetic testing for the purpose of getting a life assurance policy.

However, existing genetic testing results may be forwarded and this may be a basis to determine whether there is a bigger risk for death or an illness. The results of a voluntarily taken genetic test will only be admissible if the test method is proven to be reliable. Also, it is only admissible if the opinion of a medical expert is obtained to help determine the impact of the test results with regards to the risk a person presents for a life assurance policy.

In addition, insurance companies are not allowed to offer cheaper premiums to people just on the basis of their genetic test results. Insurers are also prohibited from asking life assurance applicants to provide genetic test results of a blood relative and a relative’s test results may not be used as a basis for underwriting an application.


There is a question in the application that asks only about whether an applicant has posted a positive result on an HIV/AIDS test or not. If you have taken a test and the result posted as negative, this may not be used against you and will not be the basis of the refusal for the life insurance company to issue you a policy. The purpose of this is so that will not put off individuals from having themselves tested.

When Denied Life Assurance Cover

When a life insurance company denies you coverage or place you on a higher premium rating bracket due to medical reasons, you are allowed access on the information by which they based their decision. You see, when you are given rated premiums or are refused coverage, you may be listed in what is called the “Impaired Lives Register”. You have the right to view the entry, as well as any reports your doctor may have made and submitted to a life insurance company. However, if the doctor is not your own doctor but someone that is appointed by the life insurance company, it depends on the company to decide whether they can show the information to you.

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