Why Get Life Assurance?

The future is uncertain. Life is filled with joys but also filled with pains. The question is, when life gives your family a blow, have you made provisions to make sure that they are taken care of? Will your unexpected death result in pain and suffering, not just emotionally but also financially?

Life Assurance is there to Take Care of Your Family’s Needs

When a breadwinner dies, the family is left to cope. Losing someone you love is bad enough but this can be compounded by financial worries.

“How can we make ends meet?”

“Without my husband’s income, how can I make sure that the family has what they need?”

“Will we have to say goodbye to the house if we can’t keep up with the mortgage payments?”

These are just some of the questions that may be at the back of your family’s mind, even as they are reeling from the news of your loss.

Life assurance alleviates this financial loss since the proceeds of the life assurance can be used to:

  • Provide for the family’s everyday needs

  • Pay for outstanding debt such as a mortgage or credit card debt

  • Pay for hospital bills and funeral/burial bills resulting from your death

  • Ensure that there is savings to fund the children’s education

Life Assurance gives you peace of mind

Mind you, insurance (or assurance) is something that you hope you don’t have to use but are glad is there when tragedy strikes. With life assurance, you have peace of mind knowing that though it cannot truly make up for the loved one they have lost, the financial burden has already been lifted from their shoulders.

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