Why Was My Claim Denied?

Life assurance policies are expected to come through at the toughest times of a family’s life – the loss of a loved one. You avail of life assurance because you want to ensure that your family’s financial needs are covered in the event that you are gone while the children are still young or financially dependent on you and your spouse.

However, if things go wrong, your family may be in for a very unpleasant surprise – a denied death claim.

Here are some reasons why death claims are commonly denied:

  • Failure to pay for premiums.

    If your policy’s premiums are not up-to-date, the policy will be considered lapsed and will no longer provide coverage at the date it is lapsed. This means that your beneficiaries may not receive anything (other than a premium refund) if you die after the policy has lapsed.

  • Withholding key information.

    If you fail to provide information about your health condition, smoking or sports avocations, this may be grounds for the life insurance company to deny your claim, particularly if the death occurred within two years from the date the policy was issued.

  • Suicide.

    Death by suicide within the contestability period of two years will not be paid the proceeds of the life assurance policy. This is to prevent people from buying life assurance after deciding that they want to kill themselves.

Denied Accidental Death Claims

If a life assurance policy also has accidental death coverage, payment of the claim may also be denied if the accident is due to:

  • Your own deliberate act of restlessness
  • Your participation in a criminal act
  • A physical assault you sustained which was not reported to the right officials (i.e. the police)
  • The result of a court-imposed penalty (i.e. the death penalty)
  • Death by suicide or self-inflicted injury
  • Accidental death caused (either directly or indirectly) by riot, war, or acts of war
  • Death due to failure to follow reasonable medical advice
  • Accidental death caused by your participating in a sports or hazardous activity that is outlined as excluded in the policy

Appealing Denied Claims

As a beneficiary, if your claim is denied, you can always appeal to the insurance company and provide additional documents and information that may help your claim.

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